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The Drill to Detail Podcast and blog are written and produced Mark Rittman, an independent analyst covering the analytics and big data industry.

I've worked for almost 20 years in the business intelligence, data warehousing and most recently big data analytics industry first as a consultant, then as an entrepreneur building and then selling my own consulting company.

Now I mostly work with startups looking to more effectively make use of analytics within their platforms and applications, and as an analyst writing and speaking about trends and directions in the analytics and big data industry through my company MJR Analytics.

Although either myself or my company may belong to various vendor partner and developer programs all content and opinions on this site are my own, and I am not paid by any company for any opinion I post on Drill to Detail or in any public forum, including podcasts and Twitter.

You can contact me at, view my LinkedIn Profile, follow me on Twitter or check-out my personal website and Medium blog if you want to read more about me and the work that I do separate to hosting the Drill to Detail Podcast and Blog.